Adding New Plan Options

Go to the menu Inventory, select Service Plan Manager:

1. Select Plan Options tab

2. Highlight a Carrier, right click, and select Add a New Option, which will open the following window:

At the General tab:

3. The Carrier that you’re creating a new plan option for will be automatically populated into the respective field
4. In the Short Name field you can specify any basic short name for this Plan Option
5. In the Full Name field you can specify a descriptive name
6. In the Monthly Fee filed you can specify a monthly service charge for this option
7. If the Carrier Default Option box is checked this option will be automatically pre-selected at the point of activation
8. If the Active Option box is checked for this plan then this plan option will be active at a point of sale
9. In the Expiration Start and End Date fields you can identify the active period of the plan option. The plan option name will change color to red outside of active period

At the Commissions tab:

10. In the Commission and Spiff fields you can specify the commission and spiff value expected from carrier

At the Product Features tab:

11. Specify the features available with the a product

At the Plan Option Codes Tab:

12. Map the Plan Option code with a plan option when specific Carrier Integration is used

To View or Edit a Service Plan Option:

13. Go to Inventory, select Service Plan Manager
14. Go to the Plan Options tab
15. Click on a plus sign next to the carrier
16. Highlight Plan Option, right click, and select View/Edit Plan Option
17. Modify the necessary information and click on Save & Close button


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