Sales Module: Cash Register tab

The Configuration Screen in Wireless Standard has various modules that give you different options. This part of the system is mostly controlled by company owners and Store Administrators and changes made here can have effect for entire company. In order for you to access Configuration screen, go to File->Configuration->Modules->Sales ->Cash Register tab.

We will review each particular feature from Cash Register Screen separetely:

1 - Only Person which opened POS can process transactions/sales. If a person under different login will try to process a sale, system will produce the following message, and a user will be denied the ability to process a sale.

2 - Do not allow to sell without a customer. As long as this feature is checked system will always prompt user to select a customer and will not allow to process a transaction without a selecting a customer first.

3 - Allow to sale when product Quantity is less than 1 

This feature will be useful for those WS client who are buying accessories in hundreds and does not keep count of them or do not want to spend an extra time adding them to the system over and over again, this feature simply ignores product quantity (works for Standard items only) and user will be able to sell the product even if quantity is 0 (zero).

4 - Referral Required

When this feature is checked user will not be able to finalize the sale. The system will produce a message "Referral is required" and will redirect user to a Misc tab in tender screen to select one of the referrals from drop down menu:

5 - Enable Cash Register Lock

Each time when user processes a sale, the system will prompt to type in his/her username and password in User Confirmation Screen. This was designed to avoid any unauthorized access to POS, and also allows multiple sales people to process their transactions using same terminal.

Tax Calculation section:

In Wireless Standard system there are two Methods of Tax Calculation: 

1 - Tax on Sale price (Including Discount) - tax will be calculated for amount which was already discounted
2 - Tax on Sale price (Before Discount) - tax will be calculated for amount before the discount was applied 
3 - Cost based - if product in POS is taxable and its Sales price is less then Product`s Cost, tax will be applied to the Cost.
4 - Bundled with Service equipment - tax will be applied to equipment MSRP or if equipment taxable sales price is less then product cost, tax will be applied to the cost.

POS Closing Cash Count Mode:

1 - Denomination Count is required: during POS closure system will be prompting you to enter banknotes/coins quantity calculated from Cash Drawer into Denomination Count screen


2 - Display the $2 banknote in the Denomination Counts screen 

3 -Alert when Cash Variance at POS open/close is over certain amount: in that case system will show a notification message that Variance is exceeded a certain amount.

4 - Do not allow to complete the transaction if cash amount is over certain amount: in that case system will show a notification message displayed below

Credit/Debit Card Processing

1 - Suspend Credit/Debit Card Processing: as soon as this checkbox is checked, a user will NOT be able to process any credit/debit card transactions using B2B Credit Card Processor - First Data. This mode is called External credit card processing and will display following screen

When Client is signed up with First Data merchant processing he will see the following Payment Screen (Suspend Credit/Debit Card processing in Configuration screen is unchecked )

2 - Card Holder Billing information is required 

3 - CW2/CVC code is required: system will display the message below each time when this field is not populated.

Coupon Discount mode is enabled:

Coupon and Discount Mode (New Discount Mode) substitutes the functionality on minimum pricing and pricing on activated phone in Comm/Pricing Matrix manager and can be activated through Configuration screen:


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