Sales Module: Activation tab

Activation tab includes features which originally take their place in Activation process. Let`s review each of them separately

1 - Dealer Code options:

Currently following options for Dealer Code selection are available:

- Do not allow processing activation if the dealer code is not selected. In such case, while doing the Activation in POS and ignoring the Dealer Code drop down menu, system will display following notification message and will prompt you to select one.

Dealer Code for Carrier can be created by going to Manage->Vendors->Carriers-> Dealer Code tab

- Warn if Dealer Code is not selected: in this case system will display a notification message that Dealer Code was not selected, however it will still allow to proceed with Activation.

- Allow to process Activation if dealer code is not selected: in this case no notification messages are going to be shown, system will allow to proceed with Activation.

2 - Canceled Activations:

- Allow phone serial number & SIM card exchange: when checked the system will allow exchanging phone serial and SIM card for Canceled Activation.

- Zero out expected Commission on the same month of deactivation: when checked system will remove expected commission for those Activations that were canceled during the same month.

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