Cash Register Reconciliation Report

1 - In order to generate cash register reconciliation report run the Wireless Standard Reporting tool first by click on “Reporting” button

2 - In Reporting tool window go to Reports > Finance > Cash Register Reconciliation

3 - Create the report filters:
- Reporting time frame (Month to Date, Today, Yesterday, Last Week/Month, or Custom*)

*Note: if you select custom time frame, you have to set up “From” and “To” dates manually, then specify the Locations and Payment types:

4 - Once you click “OK” button the report will be generated

5 - To modify report filters please use the “Report Filters” tool

6 - You can also use the Report Options button:

- “Refresh” button can be used for refreshing the data if you or your employees perform cash register operations while generating the report.

- “Modify” drop-down menu allows you to modify your report by showing/hiding columns, adding report to custom, saving or deleting it.

- “View” menu allows you to change the report views (grid, chart, pivot)

- In order to view or modify the report you may use the “Export” option to export report to .csv or .xls file format.

7 - “Subscribe” button allows you to create an email subscription*.

- To subscribe please, specify the e-mail address you are going to use for the subscription.

- specify the schedule and frequency. You can receive it once, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

You can subscribe only to reports you have added as a custom. If you have not added the report as a custom, the system will warn you. Once you click on OK button on a warning screen, your report will be automatically added as a custom.


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