POS Configurations: Receipt Template

In order to set up the Sales Receipt Template please open your Wireless Standard and follow the next steps:
1. Click on File tab;
2. Click on Configuration;
3. Select Modules on the left hand side of the screen;
4. Choose module called Sales
5. Click on Receipt Template tab 
This tab allows setting up receipt template in 2 different ways: by using Old template or New template

6. Old template:

Store information will be taken from Location Manager screen (Manage->My Company->Location Manager):

7. New template:

Store information will be taken from entire tab once New template option is checked. 
When this option is selected the system will allow filling in Store information: 

7. The Logo button on the right hand side of the screen allows uploading company's logo. Make sure the image adheres to size limitations on the screen.


* Coupon/Discount amount is included to Retail Price column option enabled allows to display Coupon/Discount amount in the Retail Price column of the receipt
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