POS Configuration: Sales Receipt tab

In order to organize your Sales receipt please login to Wireless Standard POS and follow these steps:
  1. Go to File tab;
  2. Choose Configuration;
  3. Select Modules;
  4. Click on Sales module;
  5. Select Sales Receipt tab

Sales Receipt section includes following features which will be available on the receipt when checked:

- Show Plan minutes and monthly fee
- Show plan option monthly fee
- Show first name and initial of last name on receipts

Receipt Delivery Default Options:

There are 2 types of receipt delivery - receipt can be either printed or emailed. Select the checkbox to let the system know what type of receipt delivery will be used. 
Here is a typical Wireless Standard message prompting to print/email receipt at the end of the transaction:

In order for Wireless Standard to be able to email receipts to the customers from your own email account Wireless Standard administrator will need to obtain SMTP settings from his/her local ISP or email provider. To set up email credentials:
  1. Go To File
  2. Select Configuration
  3. Select Modules
  4. Select Customers
  5. Select CRM tab
  6. Enter settings and credentials obtained from ISP or email provider:

Receipt email settings:

In this section you can prefill the Subject and the Body of the receipts which are emailed to the customers.

Receipt for Credit Card transaction, in Cardholder`s Agreement you can prefill the information which is going to be displayed specifically for Credit Card transaction

10. Receipt for transactions with saved Credit Card token for Chargebacks, in Cardholder`s Agreement you can insert the information which is going to be displayed specifically for such transaction.


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