Customers: General Settings

This article covers General Settings under Customer Module in Wireless Standard POS Configuration screen 
1. Go to File
2. Select Configuration
3. Click on Modules
4. Select Customers
5. Click on General tab

1. Account Manager search section allows to determine the default search criteria in Account Manager Screen;
Available search options that may be set as default:
- all fields;
- cell phone;
- person last name;
- person last and first name;
- primary account no;
- company name;
- SSN/Tax ID ;
- Phone serial # / SIM
- primary phone number;
- mobile phone number;
- search in customer notes;
- customer ID ;
- activation notes
The result of the set up is seen in WS Account Manager Screen: 

2. Scanned Documents storage configuration will allow to store customer`s scanned documents using FTP site storage. In order to set up FTP Site storage client will have to fill in FTP Site address, Port, FTP user name, password.
Test Connection button performs test access to specified FTP site and responds with results whether settings entered are valid or not.

In Account Manager screen all scanned documents will be listed under Scanned Documents tab

"By default, prompt users to uploading customer's documents after transaction completed successfully" - Once this feature is checked system will be prompting to upload customer`s documents after processing of every transaction.

3. Scanned Serial Port will provide the list of Available Comm Ports if there are any

4. Account Password with Min and Max password length will allow to set a password with required min and max parameters during customer creation.


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